Ed Sheeran at the Cosmo Saturday night. Crazy talented. #latergram


Approach into ORD. #chicago #skyporn

Last night in the Kansas City loft and it’s perfect outside. Take care of her, new owners. Good times were had by all.

The Eric Cantor $168k steakhouse crawl. Pre-dinner cocktails at Bobby Van’s. Next: dinner at BLT Steak. (at Bobby Van’s Steakhouse)

Sight seeing. (at The White House)

Found an old @americanair menu from my first 1st class trans-con almost 10 years ago. I remember the lamb being excellent and choosing my movie from a mini VHS tray the attendants carried around. Oh how things have changed. #planefood

Tequila be with you. And also with you. #vegas

Creeps me out every time. (at The Park on Freemont)