This is what chronic insomnia looks like.

Relaxing in the back yard with a nice glass of Pinot, try to adapt to my new time zone for the next two weeks.

Decisions… (at Milos Miami beach)

Oh snap. The Fountainhead just cruised on by! Mark Cuban’s yacht. Google it. It’s insane.

March Madness Stress

I wonder what would happen if I filled this out with like 8 things scheduled to arrive at 6am and put it on some random door that had a do not disturb thing on, and then stole the do not disturb sign? #BoredInSanAntonio

Watching Easy A, drinking water, wearing absolutely zero green. Talk about a CRAZY St. Patrick’s Day!!

Yes, we all know I enjoy beverages. But this is legitimately one of the best things I’ve ever had. Kettle One sparkling pomegranate lemonade at Ruth’s Chris. #ZOMG

Ah yes…Pei Wei breakfast classics. Just like mamma used to make.